Valley Community School

A Positive Educational Alternative



The Valley Schools offer four alternative educational opportunities for students with behavioral needs. Our schools provide the students with a opportunity to grow emotionally, academically and socially in a small, safe and supportive environment until they are ready to return to their neighborhood schools. Each school employs a highly trained professional staff of teachers, clinicians and assistants focused on the goal of helping children develop a desire to learn and improve the skills they need to function successfully.


The Valley Day Program, located in Pawtucket and Cranston, follows a traditional 180-day school year schedule with a 50-day summer component. Children receive individual therapy and psychiatric evaluations with medication monitoring, as needed.


The Valley Community School, located in Pawtucket, Cranston and Middletown (ages 6-21), follows a traditional 180-day school year schedule. A year-round commitment to student growth extends into the summer months when counselors and students meet weekly to ensure consistency in goals.


The Vocational Program, located at all three sites, includes vocational and career guidance, on-the-job training and high school academic classes that offer the student an opportunity to experience the “best of both worlds”.


Rhode Island Public Schools partner with the Valley Community Schools to provide on-site Behavior Technicians to students who need behavior management and monitoring assistance, but who do not need to be placed in a more structured environment such as VCS.

Who are we?

The Valley Schools are licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Education as an approved 180-day alternative education program for students with behavioral needs. With locations in Pawtucket, Cranston and Middletown, we are administered by Gateway Healthcare, a mental health organization accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). All schools offer the following expertly designed programs.

Academic/Behavioral Program

  • Age-Appropriate classes
  • Small group academic instruction based on the individualized needs of each student and focusing on remediation as well as academic enhancement and growth
  • Structured vocational and therapeutic programs
  • Year-round therapeutic treatment
  • Educational and psychological assessments consistent with federal regulations
  • Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) framework with the support of the Sherlock Center on Disabilities at Rhode Island College

Professional and Qualified Staff at Each Site

Our staff are experienced in working with students with special needs. Staffing includes:

  • Superintendent, Special Education Director, Program Manager, Education Coordinator, Reading Specialist, Behavior Specialist, Physical Education/Health Instructor, Art Teacher, Job Coaches, Computer Teacher, Vocational Coordinator
  • Certified and experienced classroom teaching staff
  • Full-time master-level counselors
  • Consulting Psychiatrist at the VDP level
  • Educational and psychological assessments consistent with federal regulations
  • Experienced Teacher Assistants

Referral and Admission

Anyone may request information about our programs; however, all referrals must be submitted through the child’s local school district. The referral packet should include a letter stating the reason for referral, recent evaluations, a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and other pertinent information. Tuition is paid by the student’s home school system.

Contact Us

For more information about our programs and how we may help your student, please call 401-722-3513.