Kids’ Link RI is a hotline for children in emotional crisis. A Bradley Hospital program offered in collaboration with Gateway Healthcare, Kids’ Link RI is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for children suffering from behavioral problems or psychiatric illness.

The hotline, 1-855-KID LINK, connects parents and caregivers to children’s services in Rhode Island, and helps parents determine the best place to go for treatment and counseling. With this confidential hotline, parents and caregivers can dial a toll-free number, speak to emergency service clinicians.

Call the hotline if your child is:

  • Feeling excessive anger or sadness
  • Lashing out at siblings, friends, and adults
  • Having behavior problems at school
  • Having severe worries
  • Hurting himself/herself or others

The service is free and available to all families, whether or not they have insurance. Evaluations for children are offered at Bradley Hospital and Gateway locations.

Call us any time.
It’s confidential and free.

1-855-KID LINK
Or 1-855-543-5465