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Social Development Coaching for Children with ASD



Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) generally fail to develop important interaction skills on their own. Learning to connect with you provides the essential foundation for social growth and development.  Our Home Connections program will help you learn how to involve your young child in social activities that he/she will enjoy and seek out, and how to organize daily life to maximize your child’s understanding of social experiences.



The Home Connections model builds on research in early childhood social development. Our approach incorporates techniques developed by autism specialists, including:

  • Greenspan’s Floor Time,
  • Gutstein’s Relationship Development approach,
  • Attwood’s Cognitive Behavior Therapy,
  • Schopler’s TEACCH program,
  • Prizant’s SCERTS model,
  • Gray’s Social Stories, and others.


Our staff are thoroughly trained in these approaches, and supervised by established experts.  They serve as “connection coaches” to you, your child and family.



Home Connections staff will collaborate with you to develop an individualized plan for your child. During the initial phase of the program, your Home Connections Coach will typically visit your home four times a week for 1½  hour sessions. Once your family’s initial goals have been met, your coach will begin reducing the frequency of visits until all goals have been attained.  The months spent developing new skills will promote lifelong development.



During home visits, your Home Connections Coach will help you understand your child’s unique profile of strengths and vulnerabilities.


  • Your coach will assist you in organizing daily home life to help your child understand or “map out” his/her experiences in the family. You will see your child become more relaxed and accessible to social connections as confusion and over-stimulation are reduced.


  • You will take part in activities and games with your child to stimulate social development. Your coach will guide you in these playful interactions, and help you make them a regular and enjoyable part of your daily home life. 


  • You will learn ways to help your child deal productively with frustration, anger and fear, and to tolerate change.


With the assistance of your Home Connections Coach, you will shape a family lifestyle that helps your child learn to enjoy connecting with others.



The Home Connections model was developed by Laurence Hirshberg, Ph.D. Dr. Hirshberg, a licensed clinical psychologist, is the Director of the NeuroDevelopmental Center in Providence, RI and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University Medical School. He has specialized in Autism Spectrum Disorders for over 19 years consulting to and training educators and mental health professionals across New England.

Home Connections Coaches are paraprofessionals who have established competencies in social development approaches to ASD.  Clinical psychologists provide ongoing assessment and supervision to ensure the highest quality treatment.


Connecting starts at home. Start today…

For more information, call our Home Connections

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Our most important


The first step will be to schedule a screening and treatment planning session in which we determine if Home Connections is the best program to meet the child’s and family’s needs.  We may agree that there are other interventions that may be a better fit, in which case we will facilitate those referrals.  The cost of this session is $250.00.  When training begins, the family will pay $100 for each session for an average of four, 1½ hour sessions per week during the first few months.  Unfortunately, Medicaid or commercial insurance will not cover this treatment at this time, so families pay directly for the service.  This investment, while significant, can have a lifelong impact on the child’s and family’s quality of life.

You may contact Susan Stevenson, Director of ASD Connections at Gateway Healthcare

(401) 722-5573, ext. 246 for more information about the program and to coordinate the initial screening appointment.