Residential Programs

Gateway Healthcare provides residential rehabilitative services to adults with severe and persistent mental illness in Cranston, Central Falls, Johnston, North Providence, Smithfield, Pawtucket and other cities and towns in Northwestern Rhode Island.

Gateway has four types of residential programs: group homes with 24 hour per day services; supervised apartments with 24 hour per day services; supported housing services for clients who are their own lease holders; and supported transitional housing for homeless mentally ill adults. Additionally, Gateway administers federally subsidized housing through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Mainstream Program.

Gateway’s adult rehabilitative services include: treatment of co-occurring substance abuse disorder; dialectical behavior therapy for the treatment of persons with history of trauma, behavioral disorders, and self injurious behaviors; psychiatric medication therapy and symptom management; referral and linkage to medical, eye and dental care; nutritional services; support with learning life skills (e.g., food shopping, budgeting/banking, using public transportation, structuring productive daily activity, clothes shopping, etc.); vocational rehabilitation; family and social support development; masters level clinical specialist services to address individual needs.


  • Anthony Street
    Pawtucket, RI

  • Benefit Street Apartments
    Pawtucket, RI

  • Burns House
    Pawtucket, RI

  • Central Street House
    Central Falls, RI

  • Cortland House
    Smithfield, RI

  • Crossroads
    Pawtucket, RI

  • Hunt Street House
    Central Falls, RI

  • JM Apartments
    Central Falls, RI

  • Waterman Apartments
    North Providence, RI

  • Wentworth Apartments
    Cranston, RI

  • Windsor House
    Johnston, RI

For referral information, please call (401) 729-8701.